Dynamixel Servo’s and Robotis Manuals

July 15, 2009

Dear Robotis,

I know that you released your Zig2Serial hardware in the middle of last year (2008), don’t you think that a good solid year, right after the anniversary of the availability of your hardware is a great time to release a manual which describes how your hardware works, how to use it, perhaps comes bundled with the files referenced in your most recent manual for another robot which in fact references the existence of those files which you have kept hidden from us for so long.

Understand, I love your hardware, I really do, just imagine how much more I could love all of it and all of you if you let me in, if you let me see all of your files, all of you.  I really love it that you tell me about them in some of your other manuals but to have access to them, that would be so nice, especially if they were in English.  But, English is not an absolutely necessity, I would gladly read them in Korean or Japanese.

Really all I want is for us to get along,





July 2, 2009

As I sit here, at the airport, waitng for a delayed flight, because all flights today are delayed, thanks FAA for down computers.  I watch a woman who know she can’t smoke hold a cigarrete in her hand at a bar, watch another man down tequila shot after tequila shot while his wife watches and smiles and I hear a couple talking about all the places that they would love to go but cannot afford.

I sit thinking about people and how boring tha vast majority are.  Most people are so perfectly content in their little worlds, complaining about how they want better for themselves but unwilling to try, and I don’t get it.  Why are so many people so afraid to make a call put in the effort to better themselves and actually achieve their dreams?  Why would they rather sit and watch television for five hours a night rather than take two or three of those five hours and do something productive, just for themselves, learn someting new, create something, improve themselves, whatever.

Maybe the airport bar is not the best place to sit and watch people and ask why they are not better.