AT&T UVerse is terrible

June 24, 2009

Upon navigating and having to login to at&t’s UVerse customer three times before getting to the ‘contact us’ page, I wrote them this email to hopefully recieve some customer assistance sometime soon:

The television is unwatchable due to periods of hdmi error, loss of audio and jumpy buffering problems on the central dvr and far more unwatchable on the other boxes. The internet is intermitent.
This must be remedied because at the moment your television service is worse than trying to stream video on a dial-up connection and the internet is less consistent than one.
Please advise, or as a new customer I will feel the need to abandon your service.

I hit the submit button, and was greated by a “Page not found or has been moved error page.”  I would think this was funny if I was not trying to download a very small attachment from an email I sent myself but cannot because the internet connection I have in my own home is at the moment so slow and inconsistent that a 76k download keeps timing out.  If AT&T does not fix this for me soon I will be forced to irritate them into giving me free intermitent and barely functional service for life no matter where I go and what I do.



June 16, 2009

So I have been drawing comics, mostly three framed comics, and I have about fifty of them and I am going to try to start to digitize them soon so that I can share them with people.  Although my skills as an artist may not be the best I think that it adds a certain amount of charm to the comics.  

I am also in summer school for the summer which is hugely fun.  I am taking three classes, Heat Transfer, Experimental Methods and Measurements, and English 2.

Born helpless, nude and unable to provide for himself, Richard eventually overcame these handicaps to become an investor, an inventor and an invader.