A Candidate’s Son

My Mother, Ann Margolin, is running for the Dallas City Council, District 13 seat, this race is historic in the amount of money that has been spent, mostly by her opponent who has bottomless pockets and a willingness to spend well over a million dollars.  He has been running slander adds about my mother on television and radio.  I must say that this is a strange experience for a person, to be listening to the radio, or watching television and hearing somebody trash talk your mother.  In addition to that I have a habit of reading the various articles in the Dallas papers and magazines and after the article I read the comments on the websites, it is strange to see people truly saying angry, vile things about this person who is my mother, and based on many of their talking points I truly believe they work on her opponents campaign.  Additionally the man running against my mother has decided to sue her because he is a big baby and although he has been slinging mud for weeks, the second she reveals things about him he goes crying to a lawyer.  Being the progeny of a political candidate is a very strange experience, one that I would think could be difficult for people with thinner skins than I.  Ultimately I understand and realize that to the general public, my mother is no longer a real person but this figure up which people can focus their frustrations, and emotional reactions based on little knowledge of the real person.

One Response to A Candidate’s Son

  1. Aimee says:

    Your mom is an amazing lady and I feel so confident she will be victorious in this race! (I am very thankful that I have been able to help her in some small way wiith the radio ads and the mailer.) I also understand how strange it is for you… My mother ran for a city-wide Dallas City Council position back in the early 1980’s. It was pretty awful to hear negative press. The more vicious they get, in reality, the more intimdated they actually are! Hang in there – it’s almost over!! 🙂 Kindly, Aimee Griffiths

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